Before we begin, let me just give you a MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING, look at that text, remember it, it is in bold after all. I give you this warning because I will be talking about the points in these games that got me all teary-eyed. Good, then we can begin.

Forms of media can invoke so much emotion. Not for me of course, I am the pinnacle of masculinity who hasn’t cried since the ending of Toy Story 3, don’t judge me, it felt like the end of my childhood was happening before my very eyes. Video games are a completely different story, they’re an interactive experience, you put yourself in someone’s shoes, you feel their triumphs but when things hit that somber note, then boy do you feel that too.

So here are the top 5 games to make me shed a manly tear, or two, or twelve.

1. TellTale's The Walking Dead - Season 1

2. To The Moon

3. Lost Odyssey

4. The Last of Us

5. Red Dead Redemption