Welcome back phantoms and ghasts. With the spooky times ahead, join us as we list 5 Board Games to play at Halloween. So, grab your pumpkins, don your witches hat, and let the cackles commence!

Baron Voodoo

First up, Baron Voodoo published by Lucky Duck Games. A 2-4 player game whereby you play as one of four voodoo gods called a Loa vying to become the new god of death. You win the game by capturing the most souls represented by wonderfully coloured dice on a 7×7 board. By utilising your gods abilities, you can manipulate the board to gain the most points. Whether it be stealing opponents souls, protecting your own, or simply gaining extra points. Out maneuver other players to come out on top.

Not only that, there are different game modes and setups. You can start with a fixed board setup, a 2 vs 2 game, and a super speedy chaos mode. Lasting around 45 minutes, Baron Voodoo is tipped to be a simple yet deep game of tactical wit and fun colourful display. You can find it on the official Lucky Duck Games store.

Here To Slay

Published by TeeTurtle, Here to Slay is a 30-60 minute strategic roleplaying card game for 2-6 players. By assembling a party of heroes you will race against other players to be the first to slay 3 monster or have a full team. Equip your heroes with better equipment, perhaps sabotage your friends, and slay your way to victory.

Not just that, but there are expansions to keep the fun flowing with new classes to tackle the monsters that plague the board. A great game that is designed for newcomers to roleplaying games or veterans and holds charming artwork. Even the kids can get slaying! You can find the dice rolling, card flipping good time on the TeeTurtle official store.

Under World Players Guide

If you are fan of Dungeons & Dragons then this one will set the night right. The Underworld Player’s Guide for D&D 5th Edition published by Kobold Press provides some bones chilling and deathly options for the hit roleplaying game. The supplement holds over 70 pages with playable races, new class options, spells, creatures and much much more.

This guide is great for those who want to play through a darker adventure. And when all is said and done, all this material can be carried over to the standard campaigns. So if you want to adopt the fright in the night alter ego, this will definitely be for you. You can find it on the Kobold Press official store.

Paranormal Detectives

Another game published by Lucky Duck Games, Paranormal Activity is a game of deduction designed for 2-6 players. Lasting 30-60 minutes, one player plays a ghost and the other players play as Paranormal Detectives. The aim of the game is to discover how the victim died using each of their characters abilities to communicate with the ghost. Communication can vary from tarot cards, drawing, and word puzzles.

With a variety of story cards and information to be gained throughout each play, players will be encaptivated in the murder they are trying to solve. Try to gain as much information as you can and collectively try and solve the mystery to win. A great co-op game for sure! This can be found on the Lucky Duck Games store.

Abomination: Heir to Frankenstein

Doused in classic literature by Mary Shelley, Abomination: Heir Frankenstein, published by Plaid Hat Games, is a 2-4 player monster building game where you adopt the role of a scientist. Much like the original tale, you are trying to construct a living being from various body parts, 20 years after the events of the novel. Each player must race to complete their project, providing the results to a mysterious benefactor by salvaging parts across the city of Paris.

Lasting 90-180 minutes, place your assistants wisely and collect your research to aid your advances in the horror’s legacy. No cemetery or morgue is safe from your scientific grasp. Who will create the next Heir to Frankenstein? You can find this game on the official Plaid Hat Games store.

And that is your lot. What games peaked your interest among the list? What other games are you going to be playing over Halloween? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more new, reviews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!