Welcome back board game fans. Are you looking for a table top experience you can enjoy with 1 or more in the household? But, not to show them who’s the best but to tackle challenges as a formidable team? Then why not join us as we showcase 5 Amazing Co-op Board Games You Should Play.


To start things off is the Legendary series by Upper Deck. Featuring franchises such as Marvel, Aliens, X-Files, James Bond, and one we have reviewed Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there is bound to fun times ahead. In this deck building game, players work together to best whatever super villians, aliens, or supernatural threats are thrown at them. Expand your power by building up your deck turn after turn. Recruit new allies to help your cause. Swing into enemies to stem the tide of defeat. And work together with other players to claim the day and raise the flag of victory.

With 31 individual releases, and a plethora of modes and replayability with each title, it is easy to see many hours plunged into the depths of Legendary. Designed for 1-5 players, each game is filled with 30-60 minutes of tense, action packed deck building. Great fun! Nab yours today!


Brace yourselves to contain, treat, and cure various diseases around the world before it becomes an epidemic you can’t control. This 1-4 player game, by Z-Man Games, tests your resource management and risk analysis as you all vie to prevent a world disaster. Take on roles such as a medic, scientist, or a researcher and utilise your unique skills to aid in relief efforts across the globe in hopes to find a cure in time. You either all win or all lose. There is no in between as the fate of humanity rests on your collective shoulders

With each game lasting roughly 45 minutes, it is an experience you can keep coming back to day after day taking on new roles and new difficulties. Each game will be different from the last. Not only that but there are a multitude of expansions and side titles to enjoy too. There are many hours to sink into this beauty of a game. A highly recommend title that you should put in your basket!


Next up is for those who like persistant fantasy adventures and campaigns to sink their teeth into. Gloomhaven is 1-4 player adventure card game whereby you work together to clear dungeons and other locations with plunder and glory as its reward. In this combination of cards, miniatures, roleplaying, and game boards, players will upgrade their gear and abilities and embrace an ever evolving story influenced by their decisions, successes, and failures.

With 17 playable classes to choose from and 95 scenarios to pit yourselves against, the replayability is huge! Each game generally lasts around 60-120 minutes whereby the world itself is molded by the result. It is a big box, with big stories, and even bigger memories to be had. You can find Gloomhaven on the official Asmodee Amazon store.

Marvel Champions

More for the super hero fans out there. Marvel Champions is a 1-4 player living card game whereby you take turns to thwart a villains plans and bring them to justice. The box comes with 5 different heroes ranging from Captain Marvel, Ironman, She Hulk and others. As a player, you select your Hero and build your deck for victory. These decks possess cards associated with your identity, nemesis’, aspect cards such as Leadership and Protection, as well as basic cards that any deck can take. By building and adopting your hero deck you will be ready to take the fight to the villain as a lone wolf or with others to aid you.

Marvel Champions has oodles of play time to be had bolstering 343 cards to smack down on that tabletop! With each game lasting 45-90 minutes, a plethora of encounters to tackle, and multiple ways to build your deck, its a super hero gift that keeps on giving. Especially as they are regularly creating new expansions to add to your base game. Are you ready to become a hero? Pick yours up here!

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures of the Cursed Island

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is Robinson Crusoe: Adventures of the Cursed Island. This is for those who enjoy survival and exploration. In this 1-4 player adventure, players wind up on a deserted island, ship wrecked, and tested on their survival skills. Each of you will adopt one of four roles from the former ship’s crew, like soldier and cook, and a faced with building shelter, crafting tools, and foraging for food. Not only that but the mysteries of the island await including treasures and hidden villages.

Robinson Crusoe offers a ton of replayability and countless hours to enjoy. With 90 adventure cards to flip over and pursue with fellow survivors, 73 events that could crop up, and 52 mysteries to unravel, it is easy to see multiple 60-120 minute games taking place over its lifetime. Pick up yours and see how well you explore and survive.

And that is your lot. Which co-op game tickles your fancy the most? And what other board games would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, why not check out our article on 5 family boards games to play? Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!