At this time of year, when we all look back and celebrate the good stuff that has come our way this year, it is also important to remember some of the absolute Grade A cock ups that have happened in the games industry. Incredibly shoddy ports, unethical business practices and the general behaviour of certain companies have lead to some large mobs taking to Twitter and other social media over the course of 2015, so let’s look back on the top 5 gaming misfires of 2015.

5. The Steam Winter Fail

Let’s start with a very recent one. As everyone was tucking into their Christmas dinner and checking what presents Father Newell had left in their Steam Libraries, something very wrong had effected the Steam Store. Rather than showing the Steam Store Page in your language, not only would the page randomly switch languages but trying to check your account details would reveal the Steam Wallet contents, email and purchase history of another random Steam user. Cue mass panic among Steam users, assuming there had been a colossal safety breach and that hackers had somehow made everyone’s Steam account play a sudden game of Musical Chairs. Cards were cancelled, angry emails were sent to other account holders and at a time for peace on earth and goodwill to all men, Twitter and various gaming forums looked like it was time for Armageddon. Once the people at Valve had finished watching the Great Escape and actually taken down the Steam store, it was revealed that there had been no security breach but that a change to the Steam Store’s caching had resulted in users randomly receiving the wrong cached data when accessing the Steam Store. While no sensitive information had been leaked, this large gaffe at one of Valve’s busiest times was not a great end to the year and probably ruined the Christmas of a couple of dedicated PC gamers.

4. Payday 2's Weapon Skin Debacle

3. Arkham Knight's Dreaded PC Port

2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Preorder Scheme

1. Konami's General Behaviour during 2015