About Us

VGU was a gaming website founded by those who study games design at university, we built games but we wanted to write about them so we combined the two into one. Since 2011 we have grown from a three person video game publication into a full fledged team of staff and contributors. Video games were our first path but not our only, since the beginning we have expanded to work with not only the games publishers but hardware, technology manufacturers, TCG companies and table-top board games.

Our aim is to provide our side of video games journalism and technology with experience from the other side. We do have writers who did not study games design or other video game courses but our core team still very much sits within the industry, some lecture, others still create games (we don’t like to sit still at all).

If you are looking to contact us about your game, piece of hardware or board game then we are always open to hearing about what you have to say. Although we do read all of our emails, we only have so many hands and can not always cover every story that comes in or play every game. As our readers trust us we also need to make sure what we are not encouraging our readers to potentially purchase something we would not buy ourselves. If you are a casino company, please don’t email us as we will not post your article with links back to your site even if you offer us money…don’t waste you time. We also will never accept money for a review or preview. If a post has been made for the purposes of advertising it will clearly be marked as sponsored, again we will not accept money and then work the article into our normal organic content as we wish to be as open with our readers as possible.

Now we have that out of the way, here are the lovely people who write and do things for VGU.

Luke Walsh

Founder & Marketing Guru
Favourite games: Fallout 3/4, BioShock 1&2, Battlefield 3/4
Luke was one of the core founders of the website back in 2011, having a masters in games design and experience in digital marketing he wanted to go into something a little bit different and set up VGU. Now 5 years later he works to further our relationships with companies and push the sites technicality for the benefit of our users experience. He spends a lot of time in Google Analytics and with spreadsheets open (it’s not all fun and games)

Bradley James

Senior Writer & Games Journalist Lecturer
Favourite games: Anything Nintendo
Bradley McAvoy-James is a lecturer in game design and journalism at Staffordshire University where he is completing his Ph.D in Game Design and Digital Cultures. He also is a massive Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy. Hey; we can’t all be perfect right?

Rob Pritchard

Senior Writer & Master of Rare Game Finds in Charity Shops
Favourite games: Anything Nintendo
Rob is our JRPG lover and all round Japanese coverage writer. He loves to play the wacky anime RPGs from Japan as well as the indie titles which many may not have heard of.

Kieron Davies

Hardware Writer
Favourite games: CSGO and Battlefield 1942
Kieron is our resident hardware writer who loves to look at monitors, mice and keyboards for his eSports level CS:GO matches. He loves Doctor Who and all the Star Wars movies but don’t ask for his favourite.

Liam Gittins

Writer & Resident Wine Drinker
Favourite games: Dark Souls III
Liam is a Welsh-born, England-living video games journalist. He has yearned to write about video games in a professional environment since he realised that actually was a real career option. Despite what his family said. For now, Liam works at VGU. Some say he detests writing in the third person to this very day.

Marc Smith

Writer & Resident Drinker (they like to compete..)
Favourite games: Dark Souls
Marc and Liam are actually one human being split into two, as Luke is always confusing them when in online meetings. Marc loves anything Dark Souls and is a huge fan of the original compared to Liam who likes the third one. Don’t get them to debate their reasons why as it will take years…


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