Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack Out Now

Calling all virtual zookeepers and wildlife enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a journey as we dive into the heart of Oceania with the latest expansion for the virtual zoo sim, Planet Zoo. Frontier Developments has just released the Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack, now available on Steam for £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack introduces five new species from the untamed coasts of Oceania.

  1. North Island Brown Kiwi
  2. Tasmanian Devil
  3. Little Penguin
  4. Quokka
  5. Spectacled Flying Fox

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack also features over 200 stunning scenery pieces inspired by the beauty of the Pacific region. From the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand to the tropical allure of Fiji and beyond, players can now create an idyllic island paradise within their zoos.

These scenery pieces incorporate natural building materials like dried leaves and woven fibers, while wooden carvings, customizable Tiki decorations, and vibrant floral embellishments add an authentic island vibe. Additionally, the expansion introduces new foliage, including the towering King Fern and slender nikau palm, providing shade and beauty for both animals and guests.

Players can also embark on a thrilling new campaign scenario. Join familiar faces Bernie Goodwin and his daughter, Emma, as you work together to build a brand-new wildlife park from the ground up. Your mission is to support this family project against the backdrop of a sun-soaked island close to New Zealand.

Free Base-Game Update

Alongside the Oceania Pack, Frontier Developments is delivering a free base-game update, enhancing the Planet Zoo experience for all players. Here are some of the exciting features included in this update:

  • Glass Viewing Domes: Offer your guests a unique and immersive way to observe animals up close and personal.
  • New Temperate Biome for Oceania: Customize your animal enclosures to better suit the needs of your new Oceania residents.
  • Orangutan Brachiation: Be amazed as orangutans swing gracefully through the trees in your zoo.
  • King Penguin Color Morphs: Players who own Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack will receive delightful new King Penguin color morphs, adding a touch of diversity to their penguin exhibits.

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack DLC is out now on Steam for £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.