Nintendo Switch for PC Gaming Raised 1M in 8 Hours on Indiegogo

The console known as GDP Win 3 is live on Indiegogo and within just a short 8 hours broken the through their goal and is over 4000% over its initial funding needed.

Although the initial funding goal was only $25,000 it is still impressive to raise that amount of cash in such a short timeframe and showing that PC gaming is still alive and kicking.

Of course, the main success of the campaign could be down to this handheld device being cleverly designed to have a form factor similar to the Nintendo Switch but with PC specific features.

A physical keyboard is one element that makes it stand up as a true handheld gaming machine. Along with either an Intel i5 or i7 processor and two Tiger Lake chips with either 80 or 96 EUs of Intel Xe graphics silicon.

The cheapest model will cost you £588 (without a sock) and the most expensive model £699 (with a dock).

GPD plans to get the console in the hands of gamers by May 2021 due to the fact they have already been through the prototyping stage and already completed the “finalised” product.

You can still back the campaign now over on the GPD Win3 Indiegogo campaign page.