First Looks and Opinions on the PS5

Welcome back avid gamers. With the Sony presentation done and dusted, first looks of the their next gen console have surfaced. So, why don’t you join us for a closer look of the PS5 and our opinions on the new design?

A full immersive line up!

Moving from the previous design of sharp edges and defined angles, the new console is adopting a feel reminiscent of the PS3. The smooth curves and sleek look combos well with the allure of blue power lights. No doubt there will be a black version on release, of which the controller has already been featured earlier in the year. The design flows with all the accessories available too.

From the line up we can see the new, previously talked about controller with heptic feedback, the 3D audio headset, a new handset, charging station, and a HD camera. Not only that but, there will be two versions of the PS5 on release. There will be a traditional disk version and a new initiative of a digital only console.

No prices yet on any of the products. Guesses would be around £400~ but, only time will tell. That aside, from all the presentations and reveals so far the PS5 is tipped to provide a truly immersive experience from touch, visuals, and sound. Games that fully utilise all these features are bound to create some unforgettable memories and wow factors.

Whether up right or on its side, there is a stand for that

One of the main things on our minds at first was whether the console could be lay flat on its side like its predecessors. The initial images and footage shows an upright position with the respective stand for both versions of the console. It is confirmed that a curve accommodating stand will allow gamers to position their PS5 on the side. It looks stylish either way. It is great to see they are following tradition from the PS2 to store the console in both ways too.

Overall, the reveal of the PS5 has hit some amazing notes with us. Personally, I love the curvy aesthetic. The introduction of a digital only console is an interesting prospect for the future. Will the industry move solely to this in the future? It is also exciting to consider a full setup and how it will feel with all the new technology. The immersion and stimulation of senses seduces the mind for it’s release.

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What are your thoughts on the PS5 reveal? Are you a fan of the curvy design? What games from the presentation are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below. For more details, please visit the official PlayStation website. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!