SecretLab Release ‘Gold Standard’ Of Gaming Chairs, 2020 Series

Gaming seat specialist SecretLab has launched a brand new line today, the 2020 series which has been designed to deliver their next generation of seating experience for gamers.

Following their success with the 2018 series they’ve said to have used 3 years of research to “reinventing manufacturing processes for even greater consistency and
efficiency, relentlessly improving every design”.

The 2020 Series comes with a 5-year warranty which is up three years from their previous two-year warranty. There’s a couple of changes to the 2020 series to upgrade yours from the previous 2018 model.

  • PU Leather – it’s been upgraded to their own “PRIME” version that is certified to be 4x more durable than regular PU Leather.
  • Cold Cured Foam – SecretLab has improved on their moulding process and mix.
  • Class 4 Hydraulics – the gas lift has been improved.

The 2020 series is available in both their TITAN and OMEGA chair which both come with the PRIME PU Leather. The OMEGA 2020 will cost £299 and the TITAN will cost £349 which you can buy direct from the SecretLab website.