Games you should grab in the Humble Bundle Spring Sale

Welcome back avid gamers. Are you looking for a new game to sink your teeth into? Are you eager to embark on your next adventure, experience epic stories, forge legends but, at at a more appealing price? Well, look no further. Join us as we look at some of the games that are on the Humble Bundle Spring Sale!

Action/Adventure RPGs

First up is the critically acclaimed, brutal yet rewarding Dark Souls III. If you fancy jumping into gorgeous dark/medieval setting where every parry counts and timing is everything, then this is for you. You can tackle awesome, nightmarish bosses that puts your skills and patience to the ultimate whilst treating your health bar like its your last note before payday. Not only is it 75% off but, you also recieve the season pass too! A bargain for £14.99.

If you fancy a bit more light hearted fun with a mythical kingdom to rule, then why not pick up Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom? Take the role of young King Evan as he sets out on an adventure to form a new kingdom to protect his followers from dark forces. With former character and music composers from Studio Ghibli providing beautiful creations for the game, you are sure to be encaptivated. Especially or 66% off at £16.99.

Not wanting to take the roles of dark or high fantasy characters? Want to wield a 50 pound, lead launching firearm in a post-apocalyptic Moscow? Metro: Last Light Redux takes you puts you in the shoes of Artyom, a survivor of the nuclear fallout as you encounter deadly mutants and rival underground cities. You must gather resources throughout your travels to build and enhance your equipment and ultimately live to fight another day. For £3.74, this deal won’t cut into your resources.

Other awesome RPG deals include, but not restricted to Darksiders, Bioshock, the Tales series, Assasin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, and Fable. Adventure to your hearts content!

First Person Shooter’s

Are you looking for first person shooters to keep your adrenaline high and your kills to death even higher? Then why not pick up Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege? Tactical squad based matches where you take on the side of the hostage takers or the SWAT team. Blow through walls, take out floors, and use technology to find out where the opponents are holed up. For only £9.43, finding this won’t blow through your wallet.

Combining with the RPG element but, giving you all the guns your could even want, Borderlands is ready to pick up at your leisure. Picking up The Handsome Collection, which is 67% off for £16.49, will give oodles of content to explore and pump lead into. With both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel included, you can roam around with your friends and find/create the wackiest arsenal you could even imagine. A acid throwing rocket launcher? Yes please!

Strategy Games

Over on the strategy front, there is a plethora of titles from Paradox. These include the epic scale space empire builder Stellaris and its expansions, the award winning red planet colony management Surviving Mars, and the vibrant high fantasy warring empire builder Age of Wonders Collection. These are naming but just a few. But, you know that the strategy champions at Paradox Interactive have you covered.

But, if you fancy dabbling with an real time strategy that has stood the test of time the why not look into the Microsoft Studios sale. There is multiple titles from the Age series. These include Age of Mythology, if you fancy dominating your opponents with gods powers and beast of wonder; Age of Empires II: HD Edition which is considered one of the best titles of its genre even today; and Age of Empires III: Complete Edition. At 75% off or more, it will definitely keep you occupied for ages!

Beat ‘Em Ups

But, if none of the above tickles your fancy and you just want to unleash your fury upon an opponent then this section will be for you. The seventh in the series, Tekken 7, concludes the story of a brutal family feud with a cinematic experience that will make you feel each punch, kick, and KO. You can even customise your characters to make them your own. The sale has chopped the price in half for £17.49.

For the anime/manga fans out there, the Dragon Ball universe also has a Beat ‘Em Up. Dragon Ball Fighter Z provides a new story for you to enjoy and then allows you to pick your favourite characters to take on your friends in tag team style combat. Unleash your inner super Saiyan and release your ultimate energy blasts in this easy to pick up, rewarding to master fighter for £11.24 which is 75% off!

And that is you lot. There are plenty of other titles in the Humble Bundle Spring Sale. What hidden gem or bargain big title have you invested in? Which genre have in our list, or even one we haven’t listed, have you gone for this time? Let us know in the comments below? You can find the awesome Spring Sale here. Until next time, smile and game!