ROCCAT Releases Taito Control and Sense Vital Force Wide Mousemats

ROCCAT start the new year by releasing two new ultra wide mouse surfaces baed of their previous range the Taito and Sense series which has been designed for “exceptional precision and control”.

As gamers, we are always looking for that next mouse or keyboard but the mousemat is also another integral piece of the puzzles. If you have a big desk or always find yourself at the corners of your current mat then Roccat might have the answer with their two new massive gaming surfaces.

Both the Taito Control XXL and Sense Vital Force will allow for increase retail estate for your mouse when gaming on your desk and allow for those longer movements.

ROCCAT Tatio Control XXL

The Taito Control ultra wide mousemat has a smooth surface but has some resistant for those that are looking for a little more feedback. The surface area of the Tatio XXL is 860mm x 330mm x 3.5mm.

ROCCAT Sense Vital Force

On the other side is the Sense Vital Force which is smooth but designed to have a more resistance-free feeling by suing ultra-soft cloth and treatment for a fraction reduced gaming experience. The Sense ultra wide surface dimensions are 850 x 330 x 2.5mm.

Both the Tatio XXL and Vital Sense Force are available to buy on the ROCCAT website and will cost £39.99 for the Taito which is a little more than the Sense which will cost £29.99. There is also a smaller option of the Sense for £19.99 as well if you want something in the medium range.

We’ve not tested Roccat’s mouse mats as of yet but they are very wide and if you are looking for a new mat, you can pick them up now on the Roccat website.