Silent Hills PT Remade as Fan VR Game, Unreal PT

When the PT demo came out a few years ago many gamers were excited to get a brief glimpse into what could have been before the game was canned and taken off the PlayStation Store.

Since then a number of different remakes have surfaced, one of them named Unreal PT by game designer Radius Gordello. It’s available for free on and feedback so far is very good to those that have tried it.

Unreal PT took nine months building, recreating textures, models and animations from the original game demo and is nearly identical in gameplay to the original too.

The only change is the ending which Gordello says “to make beating it more consistent”. What that is you’ll need to see for yourself and you can in glorious 3D space if you have a VR headset.

It’s not sure how long this fan remake will stay living as in the past Konami has had previous iterations from other game creators pulled for using the IP.

At least for now, you can enjoy the original PT game in most of its former glory and also have a different ending for something new, be quick though as for how long you have is anyone’s guess. Or if you were like some quick acting gamers and still have the original saved on your PC – play it whenever you want.