Bethesda Support Leaks Customer Names, Addresses and Emails

Bethesda’s ticketing system through their support arm of the business opened access to parts of the system to other users which should have been locked down to just Bethesda employee revealing personal information of other customers.

People who submitted tickets to Bethesda were able to open and close tickets while also being able to check out other customers personal information. The loophole that allowed access to this information has since been closed but users have mentioned that even partial credit card information was also available to see.

This comes in a series of problems Bethesda has had since the release of Fallout 76 with users not happy about bugs in the game, balancing issues and The game’s Power Armour edition only coming with a Nylon bag instead of the advertised Canvas bag. Bethesda had originally offered 500 Atoms their in-game currency as compensation to customers who bought the Power Armour edition but has since announced they will replace the nylon bags with the previously advertised canvas bags.

Bethesda is likely to revisit their system security protocols and make sure the error does not happen again.