Humble Bundle Mid-November Deals

Welcome back avid gamers and deal hunters alike. Join us as we venture once more into the world of Humble Bundle and the bargains to be had. This time we look at what is available to lovely mid-November. So, stay awhile a see what tickles your fancy!

First up is for the fans of the Warhammer franchise. This one is a double whammy as there is currently two bundles available. If you are looking for some more games to fill your collection then the Warhammer Bundle is the one for you. With 11 games, including expansions, including Dawn of War, Blood Bowl 2, and Talisman, you are sure to keep occupied for a while. All for $12 (roughly £9.34) for over $221 worth of games.

If you are looking for more lore to dig into then the Voices from the Worlds of Warhammer Bundle is for you. Detailing the events from the Horus Heresy or the campaigns within the Age of Sigma, these audio books will allow you to enjoy on the go. With acclaimed authors such as Dan Abnett at the helm, you can be sure to get your moneys worth. Especially for just $15 (about £11.68) for 24 books which are worth over $350!

Both of these bundles support he disaster relief charity Direct Relief. They provide support to more than 90 countries following the disasters of the world. The Warhammer game bundle ends on 20th November and the audio book bundle ends on 21st November so, don’t miss out!

On the development side of things, there are not one, not two, but three bundles for you all! The first is the RPG Game Dev Bundle. Following the RPG Maker Bundle, this deal-tastic offer allows you to expand upon your resources. It includes a multitude of sprite packs, tiles, music, and GUI additions to flesh out your project worlds. Not too shabby for just $20 (about £15.57) for over $736 worth of material!

If databases and Cloud functionality is more your thing then why not give the Dev Ops Book Bundle a go? This powerful resources collection leads you through the worlds of Cloud computing through various formats, Linux operations, database reliability, as well as systems design. If you are thinking on expanding upon your skill set then this bundle is for you. For over $547 worth of books, you can get it for just $15 and support the Code for America.

The last development set to talk about is the Do It Yourself Bundle. This bundle teams up with the awesomely popular Make magazine again to provide a plethora of resources for your to sink your teeth into. These range from making your own games and amusements which is perfect for the upcoming Christmas period, working with fabrics, fibers, and leather, as well as remaking historical tools and inventions. It really is a wonderful mixed bag of goodies! For just $18 (£14.02) you can start your engineering journey and also support the Maker Ed charity.

For the comic lovers out there, why not explore another 63 adventures containing a multitude of Sci-Fi, Romance, and Fantasy? The Comics Bundle: The Darkness holds plenty of titles for your to indulge including The Darkness, Trinity, Sunstone, and Witchblade from Top Cow. $757 worth of reading material over 63 comics at your fingertips for only $15. Also, it will be supporting the aforementioned Direct Relief charity. Or, Musicians On Call and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It’s nice to support your local producers!

The last bundle on the list for now is a collection of charming survival games. The Dystopian Bundle features 8 wonderful games that test your ability to say no to death. Whether it be post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, or observational backgrounds, this bundle will challenge you to keep your wits about you as you strive to last as long as possible. all for only $15 too with soundtracks to boot!

Now, it would be unfair to talk about Humble Bundle without mentioning the lovely Humble Monthly service they have on offer. Each month they provide a plethora of games for just $12 a month. If you play a lot of games then building upon your collection and getting over $100 worth of games each month is hard to pass by. You also gain access to The Trove which is a catalog of DRM free games. For this month, subscribers gain access to Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes + The Phantom Pain as well as Cities Skylines and the After Dark expansion. There will also be more games available on December 7th. So, if you want in, then start clicking!

And that is all for now. Check back for more news, reviews, and previews. Until next time, smile and game.