Just Dance 2019 Has 40 New Songs, Available Now

Just Dance 2019 is available from Ubisoft today for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and other older consoles.

Players will have access to 40 new songs through the Just Dance 2019 tracklist and if they want additional songs can sign up to Just Dance Unlimited a monthly subscription service that offers over 400 different songs.

The pass costs £3.19 per month but you can get the first month free with a pass that comes with the game.

Kid’s Mode will allow younger players to join in with kid-friendly dance moves and specially curated song with calorie trackers to watch their progress.

Up to six players can also play at the same time thanks to the Joy Con controller on the Nintendo Switch or you can also you the Just Dance app for free that is available on the Google Play and App Store.