Humble Bundle Mid-October Deals

Welcome back avid gamers and hunters of good deals. Join us as we delve into what’s available in the Humble Bundle Mid-October Deals. There is bound to be something for everyone. Best of all, you can even help out a charity or two. So, let’s grab a bargain shall we?

First off, there is an RPG Book Bundle Vampire Masquerade. This is for those who love tabletop RPGs and fantasy. From White Wolf Entertainment, this collection of 22 books will provide you enough material to form your own group of blood thirsty adventures. From the revised edition of the game, guides to story telling, and adventure arcs, this collection has it all. Worth around $252, you can get it all for only $15 (around £11.41) and help out The UN Refugee Agency! This deal ends 16th October 2018.

If you want games that have been rated highly by those who have played them, then this might peak your interest. The Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle features $107 worth of games that have been rated overwhelmingly positive on Steam. So, general rule of thumb, the content should be top-end quality! All 8 games could be yours for only $7.19 (about £5.46) and you can support the charity Zidisha, which microlends money for lesser developed countries to pursue their dreams and ambitions. This deal ends 15th October 2018.

Next is a bundle for the computing students and geeks. The Head First Books Bundle contains resources on languages such as Ruby, C, Java, and books on design patterns, SQL, as well as different methods and techniques for programming. So, if you want to expand your technical horizons pop on over and nab yourself $680 worth of books for just $15. This bundle supports the Code for America charity and ends 14th October 2018!

For the more hands on geek, the Make: Electronics 2018 Bundle is for you. Containing 21 books worth $367, you will get to dabble with soldering, wearable electronics, drones, sensors, and much more. All this for just $20 (about £15.21)! This bundle ends 21st October 2018 and supports the Maker Ed charity. So, time to get making!

To celebrate 30 years of Tank Girl comics, the Tank Girl Comic Book Bundle is offering 16 issues of awesome anarchy reading. Worth $215, it could all be yours to fill up your bookcase for only $15. So for fans of the series or if you want to read something new, nab it before the 23rd October 2018. It also supports the Hero Initiative charity that helps comic creators fulfill their dreams!

Last of the standard bundles delves into something new and off the track and exciting. The Discovery Pack Bundle contains 6 games that include the Sci-Fi Osiris: New Dawn, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse from the popular RWBY series, and others like War for the Overworld and Phantom Brave PC. It also includes a Rooster Teeth 1 month free subscription for all your game/series viewing pleasure! This can be all yours for only $10! It ends 22nd October 2018.

The final item on the list is the Humble Monthly deals. For just $12 a month, you get over $100 worth of games and get access to over 60 games in the DRM-free game trove. So far for October you can gain access to Hollow Knight, the complete Hitman first season, and 7 Ways to Die. There are more games on the way too so its a gift that keeps on giving. So long as you subscribe before the end of a month you will gain access to all of that months games. Sweet!

And that is you lot! for more news, reviews, and previews, please stay tuned. Until next time, smile and game!