Mid September Humble Bundle Deals

Welcome fellow bargain seekers and avid gamers. join us as we explore the the wonderful catalog of bundles currently available on the Humble Bundle store. You can’t beat a good deal. And what is even better when that deal includes helping out charities. So stay a while and you might find something for you!

First up, we have the Humble Unity Bundle. By teaming up with Unity Technologies you can play games and gain assets that use the Unity Development Kit. These include the acclaimed Torment: Tides of Numenera and Shadow Tactics as well as a plethora of assets. It’s nice to know you can get a head start on making your own games. This entire bundle can be yours for $15 (around £11.45) and is worth a whopping $1613! It also supports the Make A Wish charity and Girls Who Code. It ends very soon so get yours before the end of 18th September.

Next up we have a book bundle for the Smart home and cities geeks. This collection of resources by Springer Books details technologies, logical or physical, that can teleport homes and cities into the future. By utilising artifical intelligence, Smart methodologies, Raspberry Pi and more, you can savvy up on how to increase efficiency and functionality for your home and beyond. With a bundle worth of $1939 for only $15, it would be a steal and a great investment and would support the Little Free Library charity. A new project maybe? This one ends 23rd September.

For those who love anything trivia and are essentially polymaths, the Humble Book Bundle Trivia Champion is available to you now. From Greek mythology, the details of space, origins of names, and anything in between. You can get 24 books for $15 that a worth $400. Also, it supports the charity 826 that promotes and supports writing with publishing programs. This deal can be yours before the end of 25th September.

If you are more creative minded and love a good project then the Ultimate Creative Design Bundle is for you. Whether it be photo editing, music mastering, designing web pages, or editing video, this bundle has software that can aid you in your endevours. For only $25 (around £19.08) you can get $708 worth of software. It also supports the American Civil Liberties Union and Girls Who Code. Get it before it ends 24th September.

Lasty, the Humble Monthly offer this month is all about Overwatch. For just $12 a month you will receive a bundle of games on the first Friday of that month. Subcribe now and get Overwatch for Steam, more games come October, as well as bonus loot boxes for Overwatch in November and December. Pretty sweet! Not only that, there are a trove of over 60 DRM free games from which you can download and play at anytime as long as your subscribed. Might be worth a look if you play a lot of games.

So there we have it lovely people. Head on over to the Humble Bundle website and grab yourself a wonderful deal and help a charity or in. Keep checking back for more news, previews, and reviews. Until next time, smile and game!