Dark Souls Remastered Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Welcome back avid gamers. With the Nintendo Switch over a year old, the titles seem to keep pouring in. One of which is Dark Souls Remastered. The hardcore team at FromSoftware have finally revealed the the release date of this legendary title for the Switch. So, join us as we talk about that date and what it means for the newest console on the block!

As featured on the FromSoftware official Twitter account, Dark Souls Remastered has now got a released date. Joining the already solid library of games, you will be able to delve once more into the Kingdom of Lordran from October 19th 2018. So, get your parrying arm ready and light those bonfires for this dark fantasy is ready to grasp your sense of hardcore adventure once more.

For the Nintendo Switch, this means another big hitting, albeit a repeating title, will be available for the consoles owners. This is made very appealing considering the hardware’s portability. Carrying an epic collection of games with is definitely within the realms of possibility. Not only that, but the remastered edition comes with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. More tense moments and epic encounters for your money. Excellent stuff!

So, place the date in your calendars and get ready for make the pilgrimage once more on October 19th 2018. For more details please visit the official website. Until next time, smile and game!