Overclockers ‘RedHot’ Sale PC Deals and Offers

Overclockers are doing gamers a solid and giving discounts across a range of their products during the “Red Hot Sale” that starts today and ends on Monday 30th July.

There will be exclusive intel bundle deals, discounts and offers on Nvidia graphics cards with Desinty thrown in and their pre-built value systems with three years warranty.

Overclocker Pre-Built System Offers, Deals and Discounts

Overclocker AMD Starter Bundle Deals

Overclock Peripheral Deals

Up to 40% off Razer, 30% off Edifer and 30% off SteelSeries

Other Overclocker UK Deals

8086K @ 5.0GHz, ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero, 8 Pack 4000MHz 16 GB Memory Kit, 8 Pack 240MM AIO also includes Intel Optane 760P 512GB SSD and Intel Game Bundle with PUGB Full download, DLC and Battlefield 1 – ONLY: £899.99

There are more deals every Wednesday on Overclocker.co.uk, so even when these expire you can head to their website for the most up to date deals.