King Launches Jewellery Game ‘Diamond Diaries Saga’ Mobile Game

King your well-known creator of Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga have revealed their latest title Diamond Diaries Saga.

The physics-based linking title sends players around the world in search for hidden jewellery collections. Lucy is the main protagonist and an expert jewellery crafter who has been tasked with discovering hidden collections from around the world.

Along with a whole new set of missions to face and mystery chests, you’ll also be greeted with new game elements and special power-ups.

  • Bring the Diamonds to the Necklace: to pass a level you must bring a certain number of diamonds to the area where the necklace is located. In order to get there, you must clear all the charms in the path to allow the diamond to roll.
  • Open the Dolls: the player must open the dolls by linking charms of the same colour. If they are bigger than a charm, they contain more dolls to be linked, whereas the smaller ones contain a diamond that the player must find.
  • Open the Jewel Box: the player must link matching coloured charms with the jewel box. Each box has a number to display how many charms are needed to complete the link and once this reaches 0, the box will open to reveal a diamond.
  • Open the Bottles: the player must link the coloured perfume bottles with the matching charms. When a bottle is cleared, the contents will be released, and the water will rise inside the level causing the charms to float.

“At King we are always looking to make games that people love to play and ultimately, develop new experiences that become equally as iconic and beloved as our popular gaming franchises, such as Candy Crush and Bubble Witch. The team are very excited to release this new physics-based linker game. It’s unlike anything we have done before, the artwork is spectacular and feedback from our research groups has been very positive. This game really brings the whole world to your fingertips!”

– Delphine Sassi, Senior Producer of Diamond Diaries Saga

Diamond Diaries Saga is available worldwide from today (July 5th) and can be downloaded for free via the Googe Play Store and Apple iOS App Store.

Editor Note: We mentioned Delphine as the Game Director but she is actually the Senior Producer, this has been corrected.