Hearthstone: Upcoming Minion Type Changes

Welcome back Hearthstone fans. Join us as we bring you news of  the upcoming update to collectible card game. This update will feature changes to a plethora of minions and their types. This will range from Classic cards all the way through to the latest set, The Witchwood. So, grab your deck, make your notes, and prepare yourself for the upcoming adjustments.

First up, we want to talk about the elementals in the room. The game is no stranger to additions to this type and with this update there will be more joining the ranks. This time, Molten Giant and Mountain Giant will gain their logical type of elemental. This will also mean the relevant searchers will now be able to pull these cards into your hand ready for new and interesting plays. Get ready to experiment with some new and fun strategies and moves!

Speaking of searchers, Witchwood Piper is now joining the legions of demons. Warlocks might want to glance at this card more especially in Demon/Zoolock varients. Searching a searcher seems like a profitable return and a great deck thinner and value card. Will it see more play because of this? Only time will tell.

Lastly, we have a few beastly changes to types. Both North Sea Kraken and Withwood Grizzly are gaining the beast typing. In Wild Arena events, North Sea Kraken is almost picked every time it appears. Now, with newly found synergies on the horizon, the fun to be gained from this card has increased for such events. As for Withcwood Grizzly, has been given the beast type as the development team enjoyed the interactions with cards such as Witching Hour and Kathrena Winterwisp. It is sure to be seconded once the update lands.

As for the last beastly change, Jungle Moonkin will no longer be regarded as a beast. Why? The team explains that the Moonkin are actually intelligent humanoids. Also, other Mookin cards such as Darkmire Moonkin are not beasts so it makes sense to keep a consistent typing for these sets of cards.

And there we have it. although a small update, it is sure to provide some interesting changes to the game as well as fun experimenting for you all. You can find more Hearthstone articles here. Stay tuned for more previews, reviews, and news in future. Until next time, smile and game.