Kraken Dice Kickstarter

Are you a fan of anything tabletop? Do you indulge in evenings of adventure with friends playing Dungeons & Dragons? Or have you just started and want to expand upon your dice collection? Then look no further, there is a Kraken Dice Kickstarter that is to die for!

Starting from just $16 (£12.01) before shipping, this mega kickstarter gives you the opportunity to expand your collection with some very beautiful polyhedral dice. All backers from $16 onward will receive the following:

  • 1 polyhedral dice set which includes 1x D4, 4x D6, 1x D8, 2x D10, 1x D12, and 2x D20
  • 6-pack of D20 stickers
  • A D20 double sided coin

Further support unlocks additional rewards for you table top enthusiasts. Do you have an urge to get incredible value and blinging out even more? Why not team up with your friends to reach higher goals and split the treasure at the end of it? The following are other pledge goals to keep an eye on:

  • Expanded Spellbook $40(£30.03): 1 30 piece dice set
  • ALL IN $64(£48.05): any 4 dice sets plus the ALL IN stretch goals. This includes a D20 pin, an 8 piece silver glitter set, a gold glitter D20, a Kraken pin, and 7-pack of D20 stickers

And there we have it, more die than you could ever roll for initiative for. This wonderful kickstarter only has a few days left however. It ends 4:00 AM BST Wednesday 30th May. So grab your adventuring party, pool your gold, and reward yourselves with some shiny new upgrades at the Kraken Kickstarter. Until next time, smile and game.