Monster Hunter World: The Return of Kulve Taroth

Welcome back hunters. Did you participate in the Goddess of Gold siege in Monster Hunter World? Do you want another chance at all the ostentatious rewards? Then rejoice, the 16-man siege is coming back.

Returning to the big stage, Kulve Taroth, a massive, gold plated elder dragon will be available to battle once more. Starting from May 24th 5pm PT until June 1st, you can team up with the rest of the server to harvest the horns and reap the rewards. It is perfect for those who didn’t quite obtain the luscious loot from the previous encounter. So don your toughest armour and grab your plate smashing weapon and join in the siege soon.

The rewards include the Kulve Taroth Armour sets. This is both the Alpha and Beta sets. To obtain these you must curve and harvest the broken parts of the elder dragons plates. Fancy blinging yourself out, get harvesting. Also, depending on the reward level when chasing and fighting the monster, you can acquire rank 6, 7, and 8 weapons. These have varying effects and all look beautiful. So keep up the chase, follow those tracks, and smash those parts for higher rewards.

And that’s all. Get yourself and party ready for when it returns to the Caverns of El Dorado. Until next time, smile and game.