Even More Humble Bundle Goodness

Greetings bargain buyers and charity champions. We are back again with even more news from the fabulous fellows at Humble Bundle. Ranging from web development to oodles of discounts on highly rated games. So join us as we delve into whats on offer.

First up there is a new bundle called Web Design and Developement, by O’Reilly. With over $625 worth of learning materials in the form of 15 books, this is perfect for those who want to improve their existing skills or learn from scratch. These books include development for mobile apps, working with CCS, and using JavaScript. This bundle ends on June 4th 2018.

Next up they have savings on both Yooka-Laylee by Playtonic and Tropico 5 Complete Edition by Haemimont Games and Kalypso Media Digital. Being the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee is sure to quench your platforming needs. As for Tropico 5, take the role as Dictator as you manage and construct your island to greatness. They are on offer on the store at 50% and 75% respectively and are available until May 24th 2018.

Lastly there have a new developer sale. This time it is Devolver Digital. With titles such as the melee fighter Absolver, frantic shooters like Serious Sam, and intense FPS titles such as Shadow Warrior, this bundle will give you plenty to choose from. The discounts range from 20% to 80% and end on May 24th 2018.

And that is all for now gamers. So head on over to Humble Bundle official page and grab yourself a bargain and help out those charities. Until next time, smile and game.