Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal, Hand Druid Support

Take a load off travelers as we delve into the final Witchwood card reveal before the official Hearthstone stream tonight. Today we have more love for Druid as well as another minion for Paladin.


Druid of the Scythe

Cutting its way through the bracken first is Druid of the Scythe. A 3 mana 2/4 with Transform, either into a 4/2 with Rush or a 2/4 with Taunt. This minion can play in both aggressive and more mid-range/control decks. The choice of either piling on the pressure for board control and/or eating up smaller minions and effectively stabilizing the board is very powerful. Although, the Taunt version of this minion can be outclassed by Crypt Lord given half a chance, it’s the versatility that great here. It is sure to find itself into Druid decks in the coming weeks.

Bewitched Guardian

Next up, we have Bewitched Guardian. For 5 mana, you get a 4/1 with Taunt and a Battlecry which gains +1 health for each card in your hand. There is a fair amount of support for this class and hand size from The Witchwood. Including a spell card coming up. It is easy to see that with such support that Hand Druid can become a thing, much like Handlock that has been around since the very beginning. For this card to truly shine, however, it’s preferable to have a minimum of 5 cards in hand giving this a 4/6 statline. But, the more the better.

Ferocious Howl

The last card for the nature lovers of Gilneas is Ferocious Howl. As mentioned above, this is a support card that works with your hand. For 3 mana you draw a card then gain 1 armor for each card in your hand. Much like Earthen Scales from Un Goro, Ferocious Howl provides not only survivability but also cycling, getting closer to the cards your want or need to aid your game. With Feral Rage rotating out of standard soon, those who want extra armor and a card to boot will definitely seek out this card. Just like the cards above, it is easy to see this spell finding a home in players decks in the future.


Paragon of Light

Lastly, we have a single candle in the overgrown forest, Paragon of Light. A 3 cost 2/5 that has Taunt and Lifesteal while it has 3 or more attack. As statlines go, this card is pretty standard. However, in Buff/Quest/Lynessa Paladin, the Paragon can truly shine. With buffs from Blessing of Champions, Spikeridge Steed, or even just a Blessing of Might, you can provide not only stability but also might swings for great value. Aside from spell buffs, minions such as Acherus Veteran and Dire Wolf Alpha can also stoke the flames for this card. Definitely eager to see players work their magic with this one.

And that’s all for now. If you haven’t done so already, please check our or other Witchwood articles. Be sure to check back soon as we break down every class and their revealed cards before The Witchwood release. We will share our thoughts and feelings on how the classes will change with rotation, possible meta predictions, and some deck crafting ideas. The set will be released on Thursday 12th April 2018. Also, Ben Brode and Day[9] will be revealing the remaining cards on Twitch as 11am PDT (5pm GMT+1) Monday 9th April 2018. Until next time, smile and game.