Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal, Day of the Mage

Wade through the forest and make camp readers. We have another Witchwood card reveal for you. This time, we have three new Mage cards and a new Neutral minion searcher.


Archmage Arugal

To start off the day of love for Mage, we have their second Legendary. Archmage Arugal is a 2 cost 2/2 that adds a copy of any minion you draw. In constructed this can be quite powerful. Adding extra copies of Mana Wyrm, Arcanologist, or Archmage Antonidas can allow you to out value your opponent. Combining this with the previously revealed card, Book of Specters, you can easily replenish your hand with six cards on turn 4. That is crazy. It’s not unreasonable to say that this card will be a top pick for Mage decks. This is especially the case for Elemental Mage decks.

Bonfire Elemental

On the topic of Elementals, Bonfire Elemental joins the blaze. For 5 mana, this 5/5 has a Battlecry that draws you a card if you played an Elemental last turn. Considering all the support from Un-Goro, it will be fairly easy to draw a card consistently with this minion. And with a solid body, it has a good chance to stick around to harass the opponents face afterwards. Again, this will be a good addition to any Elemental Mage decks.

Arcane Keysmith

The last card revealed for Mage is Arcanologist 2.0. Arcane Keysmith is a 4 cost 2/2 with a Battlecry that lets you Discover a Secret and place it into the battlefield. When it boils down to it, you are playing 5 mana worth of cards for a mana less. Good on the value front. Even if the Secret pulled is not guaranteed to be 100% useful all of the time, picking from three targets will almost provide you an advantage. Because of this, it will be a three for three for the cards revealed for Mage. All three can be tipped for medium to heavy use in the next format.

Witchwood Piper

The last card to make an appearance, albeit not a Mage card, still has some limelight. Witchwood Piper is a 4 mana 3/3 that draws you a minion with the lowest mana cost from your deck. Now there are a lot of useful low cost minions out there. Northshire Cleric, Mana Wyrm, SI:7 agent etc. However, if your deck has only high cost minions, such as Big Priest and Big Druid, this card can pull them straight to your hand for a more consistent match. The only problem is you could only probably use one copy for best results.

And that’s all for now. A short and sweet visit to The Witchwood. Keep checking back for more tours of the latest set. Also, you can find our previous thoughts on the cards thus far here. Until next time, smile and game.