Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal, Insane Value Edition

Greetings travelers. Take a pew as we delve into another Witchwood card reveal. This time we have draw, value, and destruction to share with you and your enemies.

First up we have a new Mage Spell, Book of Specters. For 2 mana you can draw three cards but discard any spells drawn. A very high risk high reward card. Typically, Mage has a lot of spells in their deck. However, certain builds such as Elemental Mage, Big Spell Mage, and maybe even a ZooMage could benefit from this card without discarding spells often. If you don’t discard any then it becomes very valuable. Arcane Intellect draws you two cards and that costs (3). For one less mana you can draw one more. Incredible value.

Next up we have another Warrior Minion, Festerroot Hulk. For 5 mana you get a 2/7 body that gains 1 attack whenever a friendly minion attacks. It seems to fit quite nicely with all the Rush support the class has been gaining recently. It can get quite powerful if it stays around and you keep up the Rush pressure. However, there are other 5 cost cards that might pip it to the post for a spot in your deck. Regardless, this card has potential and seems quite fun to use. A definite experiment for those with a limited collection and for Arena.


In the Rogue corner we have been granted some value too. Tess Greymane is a 8 cost Legendary with 6/6. It has a Battlecry that acts as a Yogg Saron for all the cards you played from a different class. The targets are chosen randomly too. This can get pretty crazy. Against Mage, potentially playing additional damage spells is great, provided they hit the right target. This also includes minions so all the associated Legendary cards are included. It’s easy to predict this card being a must in any new Rogue decks.

To support Tess’ endeavors, Blink Fox will be by her side. A 3 cost 3/3 that adds a random card from your opponents class with its Battlecry. Nothing more needs to be said about this card. It is essentially Swashburglar’s big sister. With a plethora of cards that work off playing opponent’s cards, Blink Fox will be a stable for any decks that want to gain such luxuries.

For the Neutral cards we have a trio of interesting possibilities. The Legendary among them, Countess Ashmore, a 7 cost 6/6 with value at its core. Similar to The Curator, the Countess draws you a Rush, Lifesteal, and Deathrattle card to your hand. Most decks could probably draw two cards from the effect. But, if you could get all three then that is great. Decks that could use this are Priest, with a potential two Obsidian Statues drawn for each mechanic, Warlock, with Amethyst Spellstone and Possessed Lackey, and Warrior with all the Rush support and a few tech Deathrattles. It will be interesting where the support will go once the set hits the game. Keep an eye on this one.

The second Neutral card is Splitting Festeroot. A 8 cost 4/4 with a Deathrattle that summons two 2/2 Splitting Saplings. Those minions in turn summon two 1/1 minions upon death for a total of 12/12 worth of stats. It’s a minion that just keeps sticking around. However, it is quite expensive and considerations for bring it out another way must be given. Cards such as Dollmaster Dorian can work wonders with this card. Also, it works quite well with buffs to the field or hand.

Lastly, Mossy Horror is the Priest card Power Word Horror on legs… for everyone. A 6 mana 2/7 that destroys  all other minions with 2 or less attack. Even though it’s not a Priest card, combining it with Lady in White, boosting it to 7/7, seems very good. Whether this card will be too slow to count aggressive decks is unsure. However, it is definitely a tech card that will always be a consideration when the meta shifts and changes.

And that is all for today. Keep checking back for more reveals. If you haven’t done so already, please check our other Witchwood reveal articles. Also, all revealed cards are on the official Hearthstone website. Until next time, smile and game.