Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal, The Glass Knight

Welcome back adventurers for another Witchwood card reveal discussion. Stay a while as we delve deeper into the upcoming Hearthstone set,. This time, we have a new Legendary for Paladin as well as some nice value cards.

Starting things off, we have the Paladin class. The Glass Knight is a Legendary that has 4/3 stats for 4 mana. It also has Divine Shield with an ability to gain it again if you restore health. The partner in crime that instantly comes into mind is Benevolent Djinn that restores 3 health to your hero at the end of your turn or, Truesilver Champion. With these two, you can efficiently control the board whilst maintaining the The Glass Knight. As a mid-game card it has good potential. Combine it with buffs and it can quickly become a problem for the opponent to deal with.

Next up we rush in with the a new Warrior card, Town Crier. This is a 1 cost 1/2 with a Battlecry that draws a Rush minion from your deck. From what we know from the set thus far, the ideal minion to draw for the follow up turn would be Redband Wasp. For later turns, Militias Commander and Darius Crowley can be advantageous too. All these cards are adding to the control game for Warrior and could see them re emerge as a contender for the competitive ladder. Very exciting stuff for the fans of the class.

For the Shaman class, they gain Totem Cruncher. For 4 mana you get 2/3 stats, Taunt, and a Battlecry that destroys yours Totems for a +2/+2 return. When considering power, this cards has a lot of potential. It could go upto a 14/15 Taunt for 4 mana, which is incredible. However, when talking about whether it is a card of value, it doesn’t rank so high. Albeit very fun to play, it isn’t very good on a dead draw, it can remove useful Totems, such as Flametongue and Mana Tide, and it is a massive target for Silence. It is safe to say that this will be used more in casual play.

The last of spooky occurrences for today is Worgen Abomination. A 7 cost 6/6 that deals 2 damage to any existing damaged minions at the end of the turn. This card can be considered a 8/6 if you you can guarantee a favorable trade on the turn it comes out, which isn’t too bad. However, the more minions you can damage on your turn the more value you can possibly gain from its effect. If you combine it with the new Warrior card, Warpath, you could clear the board of medium threats leaving you with a nice 6/6 body for the opponent next turn. Gut feelings go toward being more of an Arena card but, needless to say this will be a fun card to use where ever it is unleashed.

And there we have it. Another reveal presented as the days close in for The Witchwood’s release. Please check out our previous card reveal articles if you haven’t already. Also, keeping checking the official Hearthstone website for the full list. Until next time, smile and game.