Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal, Dollmaster Dorian

Greetings wanderers. Sit with us some more as we bring you the latest Witchwood card reveal including a new Legendary, Dollmaster Dorian. Among the new cards are wicked additions to Warlock, Hunter, and some fun for everyone in the Neutral category.

The class with the most love this time is the wonderful Warlock, receiving three new cards. First up is Bloodwitch. This is a 4 cost 3/6 that deals 1 damage to you hero at the start of your turn. The stats on this minion is average for the cost but, the high health is makes it quite tanky. The damage each turn rings alarm bells at first until you consider there are quite a few cards that function and improve off such effects for Warlock. This includes cards from this set. Put them all together and you can play with some powerful scenarios in your favor.

Following the theme of damaging your own hero, Deathweb Spider and Duskbat do exactly that. The spider is a 5 cost 4/6 with a Battlecry that gains Lifesteal if you took damage this turn. It seems to natural fit with the previous card. Turn 4 play Blood Witch, which has a good chance of surviving with its high health stat, turn 5 play Deathweb Spider after taking 1 damage from the Witch. Then, you have a minion that can heal you for any damage you have taken thus far with a respectable board to boot.

The third card, Duskbat, plays off the same theory. For 3 mana you get 2/5 worth of stats and a Battlecry that summons two 1/1 bats if you took damage this turn. This can be combined with the Blood Witch, Kobold Librarian, for extra draw, or even just using your Hero Power. Guts feelings are that these new cards will open up a plethora of different Zoolock builds upon release. This will make for some very interesting and really fun gameplay. It also allows newer players to start out with a fun, yet fairly competitive, deck.

For Hunter we only have the one card this time. Dire Frenzy is a 4 cost spell that gives a beast +3/+3 and shuffles three copies into the deck with the buff. This is a very cool card. Not only does it allow for favorable trades but, it also boosts you later plays with high value minions and ones with Battlecries. Do you have a Huffer? Good. Now it’s bigger and its copies can pummel your opponents face hard in the subsequent turns. What about Crackling Razormaw? Awesome, even more adapt opportunities, just bigger. This card has some good potential and will be interesting to see what players will do with it.

Now onto the cards that all class can dabble with. First up we have Swift Messenger. This is a 4 cost 2/6 Hand Flip minion with Rush. This is a nice, simple minion. Do you want a significant body to eat up the small rush minions? Wait for 2/6 stats and start cutting through the ranks. Need to fell a big cost threat? Go for a 6/2 trade. This card is great for new players but also has great potential in Arena too.

The same theory applies for Gilnean Royal Guard. For 8 mana you get a Divine Shield, Rush minion with 3/ 8 stats and Hand Flip. Same as before. Do you want a solid, trading body or a big minion slayer? A simple choice but an effect outcome either way.

For Spellshifter, however, it’s a bit more risky. This is a 2 cost ¼ Hand Flip minion with Spell Damage +1. Best case scenarios for this card is either you have a minion that can allow better board control via spell casting trades. Or, you can make this minion a threat to be removed allowing other cards to push ahead. However, it seems like it will be difficult to favor this card over other more power cards in your arsenal. But, it does seem fun to use especially in Mage if you want to have some fun with Arcane Blast.

Saving the best to last, with have the Neutral Legendary Dollmaster Dorian. For 5 mana, this minion has 2/6 stats that summons a 1/1 copy of any minion you draw. This is an explosion of fun and possibility. Whether you’re rocking Malygos, Archmage Antonidas, the new Legendaries Glinda Crowskin or Houndmaster Shaw, this card can create an insane swing of power. First thoughts on the class that would run with this card would be Rogue. It could make a very wild and wonderful games. But, that said, any deck could make use of Dollmaster Dorian.

And that is all for now. Keep checking back for more card reveals and breakdowns as the days count down towards The Witchwood release. If you haven’t already, please check our previous articles on the set. Also, all revealed cards can be found on the Hearthstone official website. Until next time, smile and game.