Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal Part 3

Welcome back travelers. If you have been following our previous articles, you know its Hearthstone card reveal season. Stay with us a while as we share our thoughts and feelings on the latest reveals from The Witchwood.

First up, we have a Paladin with a spell card called Sound the Bells! For 2 mana you can give a minion +1/+2. Not only that but, this card has the keyword Echo so you can keep casting it as long as you have mana spare. This is a versatile effect that allows you to either pile on the pressure or, more likely, allow you to efficiently eat an opponent’s minion. With Silver Hand Paladin sitting in top tier at the moment, this could easily find its usefulness upon release. Buffing several divine shield minions is quite powerful. It also has good power with Lynessa and Quest Paladin.

Next we have the crafty Rogue. They gain Cheap Shot, a 2 cost spell that does 2 damage to a minion and Echoes back you your hand. Initial thoughts on this card are it compares to Eviscerate. Both deal 2 damage without other considerations. Only Cheap Shot can take stabs at multiple minions. If you have the mana, this could allow you to clear a fair chunk of the board. So what this lacks in cost efficiency it makes up with flexibility.

To aid the boots on the ground, Cursed Castaway is a 6 cost 5/3 minion with Rush. Not a great minion for the stats but, it has a Deathrattle that draws you a combo card from your deck. This could be a Vilespine Slayer to use next turn, a SI7 Agent to use on the same turn late game, or even some pure damage such as Eviscerate. Adding cards from your deck is always a powerful prospect, equaling around 1.5 mana per card (if Arcane Intellect cost 3 and adds 2 cards). So, when it boils down to it, Cursed Castaway has 4 mana worth of stats that adds a specific card to your hand. Not too shabby.

For Warrior we have a wonderful piece of architecture. Blackhowl Gunspire is 7 cost Legendary with 3 attack and 8 defense. Naturally, buildings can’t lean over and bop the opponent in the face on their own so, neither can this one. However, because it’s loaded to rafters with cannons, it deals 3 damage to a random enemy whenever its damaged. This card is very flavorful and has a cool design. Gut feelings do suggest that it would have been more fun to have this minion with taunt and at 10 health but, it will be interesting what players will do with this minion when it comes out.

In the Priest corner we have not one but two Legendaries. First up is Lady in White. This is a 6 cost 5/5 with a battlecry that casts Inner Fire on all minions in your deck. This is a really powerful effect that compares itself to Price Keleseth in terms of value. For instance, simple minions such as Northshire Cleric get upgraded to a 3/3 for for a 1 cost minion. Others minions such as Sleepy Dragon move from a 4/12 to a 12/12. In already established Inner Fire decks, this card could give more pressures options for the player to outmaneuver the opponent.

For the second Legendary we have Chameleos, a 1 cost 1/1 that transforms into a card in your opponent’s hand for each turn its in your hand. It seems that this set likes to pump versatile cards and this one is no different. Chameleos provides crucial information on you opponent’s hand which becomes more useful the longer it stays in your hand. Also, it allows for wonderful combinations, like the one featured on the reveal stream, such as Spirit Last and Equality to wipe the opponents board. There is a high chances that this card will feature in a lot of value decks.

The word tool box comes to mind for the Hunter reveals. Toxmonger is a 4 cost 2/4 that grants Poisonous to 1 cost minions you play. This is quite powerful when combined with to be Wild cards such as Fiery Bat and Zealous Initiate which can rid of multiple minions. For the Standard collection, Fire Fly and Dire Mole can allow previously unavailable trades into Northshire Clerics happen. It also provides more interesting threats and choices for the opponent.

Filling out the theme of hand flip cards, Duskhaven Hunter is a 3 cost 2/5 that flips its stats for each turn in your hand. Not only that but, this minion also has Stealth. This allows for patient plays or pushes when used right. If high health plays, a follow up Houndmaster can provide a decent wall to protect your oncoming onslaught. For high attack plays, keeping board presence and allowing for big swings is nice when the opponent can’t trade it away.

One more addition to the Druid arsenal is Witching Hour. This is a 3 cost spell that summons a friendly beast that died this game. Considering there are a fair few powerful mid to late game beasts in a Druid’s possession, this can be a nice tempo play when using a specifically constructed deck. Even for the new players that have just got Druid of the Claw, summoning a 4/6 taunt for 3 mana is quite powerful.

Lastly, we have the Neutral cards. Ravencaller is a 3 cost 2/1 with a Battlecry that adds two random 1 cost minions to you hand. It terms of value, it rates fairly high. It is a bit slow when comparing to the fast decks currently out there but, if you gain two Dire Mole then this would net 4/7 stats for 3 mana. Not Bad. It would seem that this card is more suited for Arena on first feelings though. The value game is quite strong within arena and I think this will fit quite nicely.

Lastly, we have Witchwood Grizzly. For 5 mana, this minion has Taunt and 3/12 stats with a drawback of losing 1 health for each card in your opponent’s hand. In the late game you will find this will be near max health. Mid game, not so much. However, this card can be summon from Master Oakenheart and Giant Anaconda to dart around such downsides. Not quite sure whether the health lose will count as damage but, if it does then healing effects can restore it to full strength. Regardless, a very interesting card in terms of functionality and design.

And that’s all for now Witchwooders. Stay tuned for more card reveals as we share our thoughts and feelings about them. Please check the official Hearthstone website for the full card list. And as always, smile and game.