Nintendo Labo Combines the Nintendo Switch with DIY Creations

Nintendo has proven time and time again that they will manage to surprise us no matter what they cook up next, and the announcement of the Nintendo Labo was no exception. The Labo is a DIY peripheral of sorts, where the user is given pre-cut cardboard pieces and the instructions to assemble these pieces a range of different neat toys. These little peripherals have been lovingly titled “Toy-Cons” and can be used to play actual games on the Switch console.

For example, you can build a functioning 13-key piano that brings your musical creations to life once the Nintendo Switch console and Right Joy-Con controller are inserted. As you play, the IR Motion Camera in the Right Joy-Con detects which keys are pressed and translates them into unique notes that are heard through the console. The technology found within this simple idea is actually quite astounding, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in practice.

Nintendo Labo launches on April 20 with two kits: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. With the Variety Kit, you can create many different Toy-Con, including two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike and a Toy-Con Piano. With the Robot Kit, you can build an interactive robot suit with a visor, backpack and straps for your hands and feet, which you can then wear to assume control of a giant in-game robot. Both kits include everything you need to assemble your Toy-Con creations, including the building materials and relevant Nintendo Switch software. The Variety Kit will be available at a suggested retail price of £59.99/$69.99, and the Robot Kit will be available at a suggested retail price of  £69.99/$79.99. A special Customization Set that includes fun stencils, stickers and colored tape will also be available to purchase on April 20 at a suggested retail price of £8.99/$9.99.

Check out the announcement trailer for Nintendo Labo below!