Bandai Namco Working on a Black Clover Game – BC Project

It’s not uncommon for Bandai Namco to pick up anime titles and work on the video game variant. Currently airing magical show Black Clover has been announced today by the team along with a trailer.

Not a lot if given away by the announcement trailer but the anime follows the adventures of two boys from an orphanage in a world where magic is a common amenity and everyone can use to some degree. Asta the main character shown in the announcement trailer, on the other hand, has no magic at all but does manage to get his Grimoire a magical tome used to strengthen and specilise a wizard power.

The game will take place once Asta has made it into the Wizard’s Guild ‘Black Bulls’ from him wearing their coat within the trailer. In a turn of events not seen in the anime, he has two swords instead of one giant one (potential spoilers…)

BC Project is yet to reveal what type of game it will be and when it is going to be released. It is going to be available sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC