Sins of Hyrule Explores Zelda Mythology Through Music

Materia Collective has released an album of music recollecting the eternal conflict between the Princess Zelda, and the evil Ganon. Over the course of 15 songs, the story of Hyrule is told through music. Featuring music from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess alongside original works by composer/arranger Rozen.

Sins of Hyrule is available now in digital and limited physical CD formats:

Sins of Hyrule on Bandcamp
Sins of Hyrule on iTunes
Sins of Hyrule on Spotify

The full track list of Sins of Hyrule is as follows:

01. The Ancient Battle (feat. Laura Intravia)
02. Ballad of the Goddess
03. A King is Born
04. Gerudo Legend (feat. Julie Elven)
05. Song of Hylia
06. Battle for the Sacred Realm
07. Monarchy in Shadows (feat. London Strings)
08. Thief Reborn
09. King of Light and Shadow (feat. ETHEReal String Orchestra)
10. Dark Lord Ganondorf
11. Breath of the Wild
12. Castle in Ruins
13. Calamity
14. Ganon’s Requiem
15. Sins of Hyrule

Check out the reveal trailer below!