Tamagotchi Forever Announced for Mobile Devices

It’s been 20 years since the release of Tamagotchi, and they’ve been making a come-back in full force this year. Tamagotchis can actually be bought in retail stores again, and now they’re making a modern jump to mobile phones in the form of Tamagotchi Forever.

Tamagotchi Forever is a free-to-play mobile game, planned to launch sometime in 2018. Tamagotchi Forever is looking to bring the excitement of raising your own Tamagotchi to the ease and mobility of your cell phone.

BANDAI NAMCO have released a list of features planned to be included during release including:

  • Raise your Tamagotchi characters making sure you feed, wash, clean up and turn the lights out for a good night sleep keeping them happy and healthy.
  • Have fun with your Tamagotchi characters playing mini games and explore Tamatown together. Make friends with other Tamagotchi characters along the way.
  • Evolve your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another depending on how you care for them. You never know who they might become next!
  • Collect memorable moments shared with your Tamagotchi characters and the friendly town citizens.
  • Share your favorite moments with your friends.
  • Tickle your Tamagotchi characters. They love it!
  • Earn coins by playing mini games and levelling up!
  • Unlock delicious food, cute costumes and colourful items to decorate Tamatown.
  • Compare your progression and Tamagotchi raising skills with your friends!

Check out the trailer for Tamagotchi Forever below!