OFM Launches New Gaming Furniture Line, RESPAWN

OFM recently announced the launch of a new gaming furniture brand, RESPAWN. With decades of experience in ergonomics, RESPAWN aims to deliver quality, accessible gaming furniture without sacrificing comfort or performance. The first wave of RESPAWN products are a lineup of eight racecar-style PC gaming chairs featuring a wide array of neat features including, adjustable seat depth, tilt, arm, ergonomic comfort, and a selection of different colors and materials.

“Gamers have specific ergonomic and aesthetic needs that aren’t met by standard office chairs, and many of the seating options out there are outrageously priced or offer features that don’t provide comfort in a stylish way,” said Blake Zalcberg, CEO of OFM, Inc. “We knew that there was a need in the market that we could fulfill based on our 20 years of experience at OFM, and decided to create the RESPAWN brand. RESPAWN delivers an affordable and durable product designed specifically for gamers.”

The RESPAWN lineup certainly seems promising, and we’re looking forward to see how the RESPAWN chairs perform in execution. More information on the gaming chair lineup from RESPAWN visit: RespawnProducts.com. The chairs are now available for purchase via AmazonNewEggRakuten and via the official RESPAWN website.