SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth Specs, Price & Release Date

SteelSeries has announced today a Bluetooth headset for their Arctis range, the Arctis 3 Bluetooth gaming headset.

  • What is it? A Bluetooth gaming headset with simultaneous audio.
  • When is it out? Release date: Out Now.
  • What will it cost? $130 US, £134.99 UK

You will be able to connect the Arctis 3 Bluetooth to a number of different devices be it a PC and Mac via a wired connection or also connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or consoles. The neat thing is both audio sources can work simultaneously, in theory, this means you can take a phone call while also still listening to the in-game audio. You could also, listen to your own music and still listen to the in-game chat over the top of it.

“We’ve noticed gamers hacking away at blending console game audio and Discord voice for quite some time, SteelSeries makes that whole process easy with Arctis 3 Bluetooth and lets more gamers use Discord with their friends.”

– Eros Resmini, CMO of Discord

Something which will be useful to many gamers who like to play in teams, the Arctis 3 Bluetooth is compatible with a lot of devices including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch.

Part of the technical specifications includes low-distortion speakers that help keep audio sounding great, a retractable bi-directional microphone and their AirWeave fabric that covers the ear cups and ski-type headband. We’ve always been a fan of their suspension type headband for their gaming headsets, which usually provide a great level of comfort and less uneven pressure on your head.

The Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset is available to buy right now from the SteelSeries website and will cost £134.99 in the UK.