Blue Omen Operation Launches Onto Kickstarter

An interesting new game landed on the front page of Kickstarter today, under the name of Blue Omen Operation (lovingly nicknamed BOO.) BOO is a stylish indie RPG in the same vein of Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi games. The effect of an attack is dependent on timed button presses much like the turn-based combat found in Paper Mario. With a slew of skills, interactive attacks, dodging, etc. the combat is looking to be an exciting homage to other RPG games.

Plenty of concept art, screenshots and even pieces of the OST can be found on the Kickstarter page, and it is all fantastic. A lot of style and charm has been inserted into BOO, and looks like it’s going to make for a very unique experience.

The Kickstarter is now live, and a playable demo available for download. Click the link to check out Blue Omen Operation!