SteelSeries Announce 10 Keyless Apex M750 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries have confirmed today that their popular mechanical gaming keyboard, the APEX M750 is going to lose 10 keys.

The APEX M750 TKL edition will forgo a num pad to save space which eSport’s players enjoy as they won’t need to lug around a giant full sized keyboard at LAN.

SteelSeries has confirmed that it will follow in the footsteps of its bigger brother without compromises on the “high build quality and eSports performance of the original M750”.

So what is the difference between the Apex M750 and APEX M750 TKL?

The keyboard has been designed for eSports players in mind, making the M750 TKL easier to transport and not having to worry about damaging it due to it’s more compact and portable size.

It’s also been said that SteelSeries have “the 10 keyless design optimises the spacing between the keyboard and mouse, bringing gamers hands closer together”.

eSports player, Sander “VoO” Kaasjager who has recently been sponsored by SteelSeries has quoted he likes the 10 keyless design for competition.

I use a relatively low sensitivity, so I need all the desk real estate I can get,” Kaasjager said. “The SteelSeries M750 TKL has no numpad, and all the awesomeness of the regular M750, so I never have to worry about hitting my keyboard again!

The APEX M750 TKL is available now from the SteelSeries website and you can pick it up for £125.99. If you are looking for the full sized APEX M70, that will cost £149.99.