How to Play The Evil Within 2 in First Person Mode

If you have played The Evil Within 2, you might have already worked out how to find and fix the broken Sniper Rifle but if your playing the game on PC, there’s a way you can access a hidden first person mode.

Although the first person mode was designed for The Marrow part of the game, the third person mode which is hidden within the console commands of the PC version of the game can give you more of a Resident Evil vibe to your playthrough.

The move into first person mode, you’ll need to enable the in-game console which you can do by creating a shortcut for the game and adding “+com_allowconsole 1” without the quotes after the .exe part of the file. Start the game from the new shortcut you have created and when in-game you can bring up the console by pressing Insert.

Next you need to type in pl_FPS 1 which will switch the games perspective into first person. If you want to further your console commands, typing in idStudio will also enable cheat mode.