New Persona 5 Merchandise Available For Pre-order on Atlus Online Store

If you’re a fan of the Persona series, you’ve probably noticed how elusive official merchandise is for the series online. More often than not, the product is sold exclusively at anime conventions. Luckily, this problem is about to fall into the past with the launch of the new Atlus Online Store.

The site in it’s current state is aimed at North American fans, but Atlus is looking to expand it around the globe soon. With a slew of new Persona merchandise from Plushes, Hoodies, Shirts and Pins there is plenty to find online. This is the first time these products are being opened to the public after their debut at the Anime Expo in California. Pre-orders are being accepted now, and are expected to be shipped out sometime in late November or early December.

Check out the Atlus Online Store to get your pre-orders locked in!