Valkyrie Drive -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition is Out Now

Valkyrie Drive -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition comes straight from the developers of Senran Kagura and hits the PSN today. The definitive version of Valkyrie Drive comes with all the DLC for the original game, with the exception of the two DLC characters, Mirei and Mamori. Even with those characters left out, that’s a big chunk of content coming straight out of the package on this one.

Valkyrie Drive boasts being “Faster, Wilder, and Lewder” than Senran Kagura, and if you’ve read our review, you’ll know this is quite the feat to beat. If you’re a fan of Senran Kagura then chances are you’ll find something to love from Valkyrie Drive -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition.

Valkyrie Drive -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition is out now on PSN for the PSVita. Check out the launch trailer below!