SecretLab Gaming Chairs by Pro eSports Players Launches in UK

Secretlab which was founded in 2015 in Singapore has announced their official UK launch with the range of their gaming chairs.

Secretlab has moved across the globe from Asia to Australia and the US finally making their way into the United Kingdom, each move driven by the customer demand as 80% of their sales being from outside their home country.

As gamers we spend much time sitting on our computer chairs, the average person spends 9 hours a day so it makes sense that we probably spend much much more. Secretlab was founded by two pro Starcraft players who were familiar with the demand they would place on their backside sitting in front of computer screens.

Not happy with the current chairs on the market in 2015 they decided to attempt to make a quality built gaming chair at a reasonable price by only dealing directly with manufacturers.

Each of their range has been said to be “inspired by racing-seats and designed to offer support, high-quality, durable PU leather, cold-cured foam that provides strategic pockets of air for maximum cushioning and comfort”.

“We are excited to introduce to the fervent gaming crowd in the U.K to our high-quality chairs that are specially designed to keep you comfortable even after many hours. From Day 1, we’ve always stuck to our philosophy of direct sales, superb material quality and top-class customer support. It’s a tradition for our customers to rave about the value they get out of our chairs. Our European customers can expect no less.”

– Ian Ang, Managing Director and co-founder of Secretlab.

Secretlab’s latest model the TITAN will be available at a discounted price for the launch at £329.99 with the usual price being £449.