Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG Gets New Expansion, Burning Shadows in UK

The next and third expansion to Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun and Moon has come to stores in the UK as Pokemon Sun and Moon – Burning Shadows.

The expansion includes two new themed decks with over 140 cards and a new Pokemon-GX with Supporter cards. To celebrate players will be able to head into their local GAME stores from August 18th to receive a battle-ready Salazzle for their Nintendo 3DS.

Salazzle evolves only from a female Salandit which are uncommon Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, being Poison and Fire their move set features the Corrosion Ability which lets Salazzle make Pokemon regardless of type become badly poisoned which is useful against say Steel Pokemon.

Salazzle will be distributed with the following attributes:

  • LEVEL: 50
  • TYPE: Poison and Fire
  • ABILITY: Corrosion
  • MOVES: Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb and Flamethrower
  • HELD ITEM: Focus Sash

Your new Pokemon will be available in GAME from August 18th and can be used in online or local battles to try out their skills. You’ll need a game from the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, instructions on how to get your Salazzle is via a special code which the GAME staff can help you with.

If you head to Toys R Us, Stufful is a special card you can also get as a gift if you purchase on of the Burning Shadows sets from August 4th.