American McGee’s ‘Out of the Woods’ Card Game Kickstarter Begins

American McGee heads to Kickstarter again after two previously successful runs but this time not for an Alice related venture. The new project American is working on, Out of the Woods is a card game based on a collection of well-known fairy tails. Much like his previous work on Alice and other titles, his vision stays true to the darker side of what usually is seen as children’s stories.

The tabletop card game has impressively sinister artwork and simple goal to escape the woods or be eaten by a pack of wolves. Players need to discard their cards with the last player holding any remaining cards becoming trapped in the woods as dinner.

Out of the Woods on Kickstarter has a variety of different backing tiers, with the base backing coming with the deck of cards, moving up with tiers including illustrated and colouring books, an autographed thank you and limited edition prints. If you back $5000 or more, you can even have dinner with American and a whole host of goodies which are almost one of a kind.

Being gruesome and dark, American has teamed up with the same printers who worked on Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity to offer the best final product. At the time of writing, Out of the Woods has funded $81,999 which is nearly half way their overall target of $175,000. Head over to their Kickstarter to look at the full tier list and back what takes your fancy.