Dell Unveils World’s First 4K UHD High-Brightness Laser Projector and New Curved Monitor

Dell is a name that most people will associate with built-to-order PCs with the occasional monitor thrown in for good measure.

However that’s the old Dell, new Dell makes products for the real technophiles and today they’ve announced two products to really wet the appetite for those who love pixels.

First up is the S718QL, or the Dell Advanced 4k Laser projector. Designed for boardrooms and classrooms where large, high-resolution images need to be displayed, the projector boasts 8.3 million pixels of colour in true Ultra HD and even supports HDR compatibility. The really impressive thing, apart from the very high-quality image, is the fact these images can be projected from as little as 4 inches away from the wall.

Even at a short distance, the projector can project a 100 inch image meaning anyone giving a presentation using it won’t be blinded by any bright lights. Finally, the projector can connect up to 4 devices wirelessly and connect a sound system via Bluetooth. All this means it’s not only great for the workplace, but wouldn’t be out of place in a gamer’s setup.

Next up is the U3818DW Ultra Sharp 37.5 inch curved monitor.

With a very impressive picture quality and a curved screen for increased viewing angles, this curved monitor is designed for people from all walks of life. From gaming, to designing to just generally enjoying your multimedia content, this monitor has everyone’s needs in mind.

The KVM feature allows users to control two PCs at the same time while only using one mouse and keyboard, where the integrated dual 9W speakers and the easy USB type-C cable connection handing all your needs between laptop and monitor. This monitor has the potential to really improve any gamer’s media space, and would sit comfortably within any technophile’s elaborate setups.

The UHD 4k projector releases on July 24th, whereas the monitor, releases a little earlier on June 30th.