Sony Opens E3 Showcase With Uncharted 4 and Horzion: Zero Dawn DLC

A back to back double-whammy for Sony as they hit the ground running at this year’s E3. Offering not one, but two offerings of hotly anticipated DLC.

Firstly, there was Uncharted 4’s ‘The Lost Legacy’ expansion. One that’s been keeping fans waiting since the inital game’s release back in May of last year. Which may seem like a long time in development, but from the looks of this trailer, it’ll surely be worth the wait. Boasting just as much, if not more high octane action and incredible set-pieces than the original game. Check out the trailer below:

This was followed up with the highly anticipated expansion to this year’s smash hit Horizon: Zero Dawn. The aptly titled ‘The Frozen Wilds’, shows a lot of snow-covered mountains and bigger beasties to hunt down and kill. Unlike Uncharted 4’s display, there was no actual game play to be seen but strong hints towards the game’s narrative. Check out the trailer below: