Ubisoft Announces VR Game ‘Transference’ With Creepy Trailer

So far it’s been a fairly standard display for Ubisoft. They’ve had their wildcard with Mario & Rabbids and followed it up with staple franchises like The Crew and Assassin’s Creed. What came after however, was pretty darn strange in comparison.

Beginning with Elijah Wood discussing his involvement with the game, it seemed like it would be a very standard demonstration video. People discussing their intentions, the thought process, the usual stuff. Then began talk of experiments regarding the human brain and the uploading of one’s consciousness to a computer system. From there on out it got truly strange as the image became distorted and flashes of test subjects were shown.

Proclaiming that they want players to take off the VR gear and still feel unsettled. Clearly Ubisoft’s intentions here are to create something very akin to Black Mirror and it seems they’re on the right track.

Very little is currently known of Transference’s core story or gameplay, but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough. Just remember, it can’t hurt you…