E3 2017: Beyond Good and Evil 2 Finally Announced at E3

After years of hoping and praying, it’s finally been confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is actually happening. After nearly fifteen years of rumors and development issues, the much demanded sequel is finally coming our way.

Sadly there was no game play in sight, but what we did get was a very nifty trailer. Showing off some quirky characters, beautiful space-city landscapes and a possible mother to the original game’s protagonist. Lead developers also announced that this game will serve as a prequel to the original Beyond Good and Evil.

Fans were also told to join the Space Monkey Program ahead of launch to help the developers create the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2. However, no actual details of what’s involved in the Space Monkey Program were revealed.

Try not to get too excited though guys as we also have no tentative release date as of yet. Despite this, it’s difficult to not be excited by this incredible reveal.