Prey – All Safe Codes Guide

Prey the first person action-adventure title has recently been released and if you have guided your way around Talos I, past the horde of mimicks, you would at some point stumbled upon various safes. Knowing the combinations to these lock boxes can be difficult to decipher when you are constantly watching the coffee cup to see if it is about to attack you. To make things easier if you so choose, below is a list of all the known safe codes and their location.

Neuromod Division

  • Security Booth
    • Code: Locate the body of Divya Naaz, the code will be on a note near the body.
  • Debriefing Safe
    • Code: 5150, found within the Simulation Debriefing Room.

Talos 1 Lobby

  • Morgan Yu’s Office
    • Code: 0451, acquired from January.
  • Security Safe
    • Code: 0526, located behind security desk in Security Room.
  • Dr. DeVries’ Safe
    • Code: 7324
  • Holding Room
    • Code: 1129
  • I.T. Department
    • Code: 0913
  • Volunteer Quarters
    • Code: Only acquired by reading email “Volunteer Attitude,” found at the Workstation of Bianco Goodwin in the Executive Offices.
  • Pilot’s Lounge
    • Code: Located in the Staff Lounge on Octavia Figg’s TranScribe. Listen to “This Isn’t a Drill” recording to obtain keycode.

Hardware Labs

  • Director Thorstein’s Office
    • Code Read email “You’re in Charge” at Thadeus York’s Workstation.
  • Dr. Thorstein’s Safe
    • Code: 9954, located in Dr. Thorstein’s Office.
  • Ballistics Lab Safe
    • Code: Found on a note under a grate in the Ballistics Lab. Must have Leverage 1 skill in order to access the note.
  • Machine Shop Supply Closet
    • Code: Read email “If You Need Supplies” found on the Workstation in the Small Scale Testing Area. The code for workstation should be found on a clipboard.

Talos 1 Exterior

  • Machine Shop Supply Closet
    • Code: Found by listening to “First Thing Tomorrow” recording on the TranScribe of Dr. Calvino.
  • Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container
    • Code: 2312, located while outside of Talos 1.


  • Armory
    • Code: 8714, gleaned from choosing to save Aaron Ingram.


  • Maintenance Tunnel
    • Code: Read note on Kimberly Bomo’s body.
  • Magnetosphere Control Room Safe
    • Code: Note located behind toilet paper in the bathroom of the Magnetosphere. Located on top shelf.

Crew Quarters

  • Fitness Center
    • Code: Read email “New Gym Code”  in the security station of the Crew Quarters or from a note in the bathroom of Cabin B.
  • Mail Room
    • Code: Found on note within the habitation pod of Anders Kline within the Crew Quarters.
  • Freezer
    • Code: Watch cook use the code on the freezer.
  • Executive Suites
    • Code: Read email “Food Request” at the Workstation of Will Mitchel, find a note on a table in the Recycler Room, or read the email “Personal Training Session” at the Workstation of Emma Beatty.
  • Dr. Calvino’s Safe
    • Code: 0523, gleaned from the audio file “Notes 3” from the Workstation of Dr. Calvino.

Deep Storage

  • Stairwell
    • Code: Note containing code beside Workstation of Zachary West.
  • Deep Storage Safe
    • Works for both safes in this area. Just find the note on the back of the Workstation of Danielle Sho.

Power Plant

  • Reactor Room
    • Code: 3845
  • Parts Storage
    • Code: Gleaned from audio file “Keycode Change: Parts Storage” on the Transcribe device of Duncan Krassikoff.

Cargo Bay

  • Cargo Bay Security Safe
    • Code: Talk to Sarah Elazar for code.

Life Support

  • Storage Room
    • Code: Locate a note within the Oxygen Flow Control Room.
  • Security Station Safe
    • Code: Find note on the body of Erica Teague.
  • Talos 1 Bridge Safe
    • Code: Located beneath a book on the desk in the room with the safe.

Now venture forth and open all the saves you find along your joueny in Talos I. Check back to see what we thought of Prey in out review.