FINAL FANTASY XIV New Character Assets Revealed

Square Enix have released new details surrounding the story for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood their upcoming expansion and information around the key characters.

The story has been set at the end of a thousand year war between ‘Dragon’, the ‘Man in the North and the ‘Warrior of Light’ with the land conquered by the Garlean Empire 20 years ago. Focusing on the Far East, freedom fighters of the fallen nation of Doma now struggle to light the fire of hope in their countrymen but it is time for them to start a new adventure.

Along with the update to the main story, Square have also revealed the main cast of characters for Stormblood.


A young fighter of surpassing skill, Lyse yearns to bring freedom to her homeland of Ala Mhigo, which fell to the Empire when she was but a child.


Hailing from the Far Eastern land of Doma, Gosetsu has long served Doma and her sovereign and fought valiantly to defend them from the Garlean Empire twenty-five years ago.


A shinobi in service to the Far Eastern land of Doma, Yugiri took part in the nation’s failed rebellion against the Garlean Empire.

Zenos yae Galvus

Leader of the XIIth Legion and crown prince of the Garlean Empire, Zenos is possessed of but a single passion: to stand on the front lines, blade in hand, and dance with death.


The acting imperial viceroy of Doma, Yotsuyu’s grace and beauty belie a heart of stone.


The young heir to the throne of Doma, Hien is a charismatic leader beloved of his people.


A young soldier born and raised during the imperial occupation of Ala Mhigo, Fordola was promised the world─education, training, citizenship─in exchange for service.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood will be available to players from June 20th, 2017 for both PC and PlayStation 4. If you have not tried Final Fantasy XIV, they recently made the game free-to-play up to level 35.